There are many products that can be used to better stabilize your landscape.  Clients find themselves struggling with erosion, pot holes in gravel driveways, unruly decorative stone and many other common landscape problems.  Poor soil quality can compound along with slope or other situational issues.  If you find yourself struggling with these problems you should consider geo grid stabilization products.  

The image above is a 4″ Geo Cell product that is anchored to an unstable slope.  The slope was cleared, smoothed and compacted.  Then a non-woven geo-textile fabric was secured to the slope.  The grid was then installed using anchors that extend 24-48″ into the slope.  Lastly, the grid is filled with #57 aggregate.  The aggregate allows for easy drainage and armors the slope, discontinuing erosion and stabilizing what was once a serious hazard!  

Here is an example of the completed project.  Not only did this project protect the walkway pictured, it provides ecological benefit too.  By reducing erosion, sediment that would normally be swept into a beautiful trout stream below is now protected!  If this project would of had more available sun exposure, the grid could of been filled with soil and planted with native plants–EVEN BETTER! 

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