Thinking about including gravel in your next project?  You should!  Gravel, also known as aggregate, can add texture, durability, function and interest to any landscape. Gravel comes in all shapes and sizes.  Gravel is mined and processed into many different products.  Selecting the right product for your installation needs can be tough.  The information below will help you make the right selection!

Natural Stone 
Natural stone is normally the most expensive aggregate.  It can range from small, pea gravel size (0.25″-1″) all the way to natural boulders reaching weights of 150 pounds or more.  These stone products generally only require washing and are normally rounded in shape.  Pos to these products include visual appeal and interest.  Cons to this product are instability and cost.  We usually don’t recommend this stone for driveways and patios! 

Processed Stone 
Processed stone is aggregate made from crushed solid rock.  Most commonly, here in Virginia it will be limestone or granite.  Colors can vary depending upon the quarry it was mined from.   Sizing usually follows engineering standards and can vary from quarry to quarry.  Common sizes are 21A (3/4″ stone + fines), #57 (3/4″ clean stone),  and #8 (3/8″ clean stone).  #57 Aggregate is most commonly used for drainage applications and driveways. 21A Aggregate is commonly used for foundations, road building and driveways.  

Processed stone is also available in colors ranging from red, blue, black, brown, tan and white.  These aggregates make great walkways, driveways and serve many other decorative purposes.  

Recycled Stone 
Recycled stone is stone made from material that has already been used–most commonly concrete, asphalt and brick.  Recycled aggregate can be just as good as processed stone when it comes to stability and function.  Recycled aggregate is also usually the cheapest available option for foundations, driveways and walkways.   Recycled asphalt can provide great solutions for rural roadways.  Recycled brick productions can be used to add color to landscapes.  

Here are some of our favorite suppliers of gravel in Richmond, Virginia market:

Pete Rose Landscape Supply

Luck Stone

Yard Works

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